"Last week on Stardoll" - week #13

Hello everyone, how are you, how's life? Is your summer holiday coming soon? Not mine, even I am free from college in a week, I still have to prepare for exams. Don't worry, though, I'll still have time for my column here.
This week on Stardoll okay, lots of interesting things happened, agree? Read bellow and decide after.

Another week, yet another offer from Stardoll.

The outfit is actually nice, compared to other offers, and 25% more stardollars is a good deal. I didn't like that you only could get it buy paying with credit card or pay pal, as I do all my payments by mobile phone, because it seems safer. I like, actually, these kind of offers, it is a nice addition, but please, Stardoll, make more offers for paying by message.

New Polished collection arrived the same day.

Colors are nice, and metallic shade looks really good. But the price is kinda high, as everyone agrees, for something people barely notice. I personally, almost never look at nails when I visit someone's suite.

On Wednesday, Callie.Stardoll announced on Starblog that all Young Hollywood collections, old and new, are available to be sold in bazaar.

I managed to find some nice pieces in bazaar, except the Cher outfit, which seems to be the most valuable. I was really hoping to get black mini skirt, but no way I am paying 600sd for it. Still, I understand reseller, wanting to earn as much money as they can. But tip for buyers, don't grab the 1st item you see, search more in bazaar to find a better deal, lower price. It is worth it.

On Thursday, without any warning, new Antidote collection got released.

I don't really get Stardoll's obsession with neon colors. I mean, the pieces are nice, but not a quality as limited store should be. Good thing is, that the items are more limited, as some count up to 250 or 350 items per piece, unlike 1000 as some previous collections had. They weren't available for non-superstars, which can make some people kinda angry, but it is completely fair in my opinion.

Now I don't know when Stardoll made this change, but when I leveled up on Friday to level 75, instead of 3 starcoins, I got 75.

According to readers, when you level up to certain level, you get starcoins in amount rounded up to your closest level, example, cati got 65sc when reaching level 62, and naty.d got 90sc when levelling up to level 87. Good news is, when you reach level that is multiple of 10, you get 10 stardollars, according to some readers as well.

The highlight for me was Young Hollywood becoming sellable, what about yours? Vote bellow.

P.S. Some people asked for my Stardoll username so they can add me, it's Vampirelady33, so anyone feel free to add me, but please state that you know me from USD, as many just add me so they can spam me later and it is kinda rude and annoying.

~ Venus
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