Captured: DoceJuliano123

Hi dollies, it´s Mateotkd again. It´s a kinda cold in Argentina these days, I hope you are enjoying a better weather.

Today I captured DoceJuliano123 , he's a boy from Brazil. Also a great designer and he has a remarkable fashion sense. Probably the ladies will say he´s very handsome.

He´s wearing:
Killah Black Hat - Killah
Bandana - Rio
Big Black Wool Scarf - DKNY
Cut Front Military Jkt - Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Shirt - Fallen Angel
Leg Tatoo - Evil Panda
Right Arm Sleeve Tatto (3) - Evil Panda
Petal Belt - Bonjour Bizou
Fallen Angel Gloves - Fallen Angels
Burgedry Jeans - Fallen Angels
Mini Shorts
Sonnies on the GO - LE
White Spiky Cuff (2) - Velvet Orchid
Cherry Red Boots - Mr.

Also I took a picture of his creations.
Most of all are male ones, but let me say ladies, men also like to look good.


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