"Last Week on Stardoll" - Week #9

Good morning, beloved readers. I want to start today's post by thanking you all for reading and commenting. I read and appreciate every single of them, and they keep me motivated and inspired. Also, you may have noticed some other posts by me. That's because I got promoted to a news writer as well, and I'll try keeping you up to date with latest news, along with USD team.
Back to my post. This week was rather busy, lots of new releases and features. Here I'm gonna recap the most important ones, and mention the others.

My first 'news' post was the 1st think I am commenting on today. It is about a free gift offer for purchasing membership or stardollars.

Now as my 'news' posts are only informative and I am not supposed to comment on them, I'm gonna say it here. The outfit is horrible. The dress looks line an oversized pajamas, and the shoes and bags do not match. It is nice thing, if you were planing on making a purchase, they will look nice in your storage.

On Tuesday, we got another new floor on Film Theory store.

This collection is inspired by Suleyman Magnificent tv show, a widely popular Turkish show, especially by mothers.(Not my mother though. Or me either, I watched only one Turkish show, it was beautiful, but that's it.) The outfits are nice, especially for themed suites. Makes me wonder, which do you like more, themed outfits, or 'ordinary' fashionable ones? Let me know in comments, thanks.

On Thursday, new gift-o-meter was added.

The theme was neon, obviously, and it goes up to 300 stardollars and 1000 starcoins. Good thing is, that you can fill it buy buying gifts for your friends and broadcasting, it isn't limited just to starplaza. That's why it was easy for me to fill it, even I don't really like the clothes and I doubt I'd ever wear them. But hey, they are free!

For the end of a week, (and I mean work week, Friday, not today), new pretty n'love collection was released.

Pastel colors and floral patters are this collection's theme. Perfect for spring. Still many were complaining about the high prices and only few starcoin items. Gotta agree with that.

Some other news worth mentioning only:

- New chat rooms, inspired by the latest Film Theory collection, at 5sd each
- Stardoll on Facebook layout changed
- New weekly hotbuys, consisting of overpriced jewellery

Yeah, my post is done, but before I post a poll for this week's recap, I had an idea and I need to know whether you agree or not. I was thinking about adding some readers' comments to my weekly review, with your name and quoting the exact comment. Please tell me what do you think about that. Thanks.

~ Venus
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