"Last Week on Stardoll" - Week #8

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, friends and strangers. What time is it now? It's time for another weekly post. Ready or not, here I go.

New week, new Polished collection. The colors are just right for spring season, just take a look.

Now I am not really sure if people still use nail polish on Stardoll, as it is barely visible. I do like it, though, even colors are not really my style, and I can use some of my extra stardollars to buy any. Or wait for the sale (spoiler alert!).

Yeah, on Wednesday, we got message about big 50% off sale at whole beauty section in Starplaza.

This was really a great deal. For people who waited for a sale to buy the stuff they like, this was an amazing opportunity. The best deal was, in my opinion: Tress Up, LUXE, Epiphany, Transform. There were also a nail stickers at 1-2 sd a piece, some nice jewelery, in starcoins too, all Polished except the latest collection. How much did you spend on it? Or you are mad because you payed a full price for the most of stuff? I wanna hear from you.

Now here comes something really... Can't find the right words. Just take a look.

We asked for more Royalty perks. We got the thing above. Platinum membership. For a 75$, you get the all mentioned above. The clothes you get are not new and excuslive, as an deal like this should offer, but old and not so decent. 2500 extra starcouns. What for we need starcoins? To buy of the whole Basic store? And a turquoise name, wow, just what we needed. Okay, the offer might be good for people who renew their membership each month, but for most of users, this is just ridiculous. Agree or not??

Staroll seems to keep on disappointing us. For how long we waited for the 2nd year of Stardoll academy? Well, we got this:

Extra credit assignments. 2 of them, to be exact. One asking you to send 5 gifts to 5 different people, which I ended up with bunch of cupcakes. They are the cheapest gifts, after all. Second was gathering 100 starpoints. I saw in comments that some people got few more assignments, the people who own an Alpine Chalet. I am not sure if this still works, and I don't want to spend money on another set of rooms, so if anyone else has gotten those assignments, do tell.

After a small break of LE fashion, we got limited interior store.

Many agree this is one of the worst LE Decor collections, with tacky colors and shapes. There are some nice pieces, too, but the collection is selling out really slowly.

 You've seen the recap, now vote, and don't forget to comment. See you next week!

~ Venus
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