Captured: maricel73

Hi dollies, it´s Mateotkd. How are you? Did you enjoy Easter?
What about April´s Fools? Did you make any jokes?

Today I captured maricel73 she´s from Argentina.
I really like the way she combine every piece of clothe and accesories, the result is very nice. 
Maybe is not your style, but let be honest, she looks great in this outfit.

She´s wearing:

Gucci Black Winter Hat - Gucci
Kel Beret - Diesel
Nintendo Style Boutique Winner Cardigan
White Collared crop Top - Bonjour Bizou
Black Jungle skirt - Special offer
Basic Black tank top - Basic
Flapper Collar - Decades
Idoru Tattos - Evil Panda
Jupiter Patent Belt - Fallen Angel
Stacked shell Bracells - Folk 
Hot Hot Buys Bracelet - Fudge
Ripped Denim Hot pants - Fudge
Pantyhouse - Film Theory
Black DVF shopper tote - DVF
Sport Socks
Spike Flats - Nelly
Basic Black Oxford
Wednesday shoes -  Fallen Angel


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