Who wore it best?

Welcome to Who wore it best! This is a segment where everyone gets featured - no matter what level you are on! So when you sign up for it make sure your outfit is great - just in case your the next person!
Last time we had cinnymon vs BabeSuperangel! Here are the results...

Well done cinnymon! Click here to go to her suite!
Here is what DaringMaxie said about the cinnymon's outfit:
In my opinion, I dislike Cinnymon's hair, but The outfit is just right for autum/winter. Her make-up looks so natural and goes really well with her outfit.
The person to get chosen this week is:
The item that appears in both outfits is PPQ spring jeans from PPQ. Here are the outfits:
Leonoremo vs. simi405
My opinion: I thinks that we have two really good outfits this week! Leonoremo has a laid back outfit paired up with a clutch and blazer. simi405 has gone for a more 'going out' outfit. Which has the purse, bangles, headband and vest. So it just depends which one you are choosing; laid back or going out.
Who do you think wore it best? Post your comments below and you could get featured on the next post!

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