Want to be in the next Who Wore it best?

Do you want to be in the next Who wore it best? 
Then all you have to do is...
1. Post your username in comments.
2. I will then pick a random name using random line picker.
3. Next, I will find someone else in comments that is wearing one item that you also have on.
4. After that, I will make a post with both your outfits on and my opinion on the outfits (i will say something nice about both outfits - no one likes to hear all bad comments!)
5. Then you choose who you like best! (There will be a poll to vote.)
Here are the rules:
1. Only comment with your username once in the comments! (I will know if you don't follow this rule!)
2. Don't post in my guestbook with your username. I only read the ones that are in the comments of this post.
3. If you have already been in one of the posts, don't comment again - other people need a turn too!
Next post is next Tuesday! :)
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