USD's Party Best Dressed

With more than....300(!) people that passed by the party throughout the ceremony...the New Year Party...was the biggest USD party EVER!!!

The host(me) and two secret helpers got dressed in the pary theme (Formal) and waited for the guests:
My outfit for the party:

The party started and the guests were arriving one by one.
Little did they know that my two secret (and will remain secret) helpers were checking their outfits during the party. The two judges and me stayed till late in the comments area took our picks of the people that applied for best dressed. The selection was based on the theme of the party. Some results were common ....other's not....cause there were so many good outfits....after a lot of discussion the three of us present you the girls that stole the flashlights on the red carpet:

(click each to enlarge)

Congratualtions everyone....

...xoxo M_Themis
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