Stardoll Academy Released!

UPDATE: At the moment, Stardoll Academy is only for Royalty members. It should be available for everyone after a week.

UPDATE 2: Some SS & Non-SS members have also received the acceptance letter and have been able to enrol.

UPDATE 3: Stardoll Academy is now available for everyone!

The Stardoll Academy has now launched!

I received this letter in my inbox. 
When clicking the enrol button it took me to the following page:

It is basically making Stardoll more of a 'game'. 
You need to complete tasks in order to finish the quest to unlock rewards.
After pressing 'Ok! this page followed:

Once you have completed a task, you should get this notification in the bottom left corner:

All the tasks must be completed within a certain time limit!

Upon completing a quest, you will receive Starcoins/Stardollars, Starpoints and a gift:

You can pick a certain career you want to do in the academy, and take classes to help you decide:

After completing the first series of tasks, you will be asked to choose which profession you want to continue with:

You will then have to complete tasks related to the profession you chose. 
Here is an example of the tasks for the fashion profession:

On the second tab on the left, you will find your yearbook. 
Here you can see all the projects you have completed:

You can also find your Stardoll Academy profile, with a photo of your latest project:

The heart stands for 'Ratings'
 You will need your Stardoll Academy friends to rate your yearbook photos in order to progress in the game:

You can access Stardoll Academy by a new button on the broadcast bar:

There is also a new 'Yearbook' option on the navigation bar on suites:

This explains the increase of the daily amount of starcoins, as you will have to buy items in order to complete the quest. 
Also you will be able to get the daily starcoins & starpoints through the Stardoll Academy as you will have to shop, create sceneries, design items etc. 

Have you enrolled in the Stardoll Academy yet? What do you think of it?

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