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Important: We are NOT ansewring questions that have already been answered!!!
Whave answered many questions about tasks till now. Please check the already answered questions to find yours. If you still do not find yours, then and only then submit your question. You will NOT get an answer if the question you have asked has already been answered!!!!! There are 3 pages of comments with answered tasks till now as you will see!!

Some dollies are having some problems with completing some of their tasks.

This post is made for you. 
If you have a problem with one specific task/project 
leave us a comment on this post by saying which task troubles you and what it says exactly.

Me and any other reader out there that can help you will use the reply button to give you an answer here so be sure to visit again this post to get your answer.

All irrelevant comments will be deleted. it will be only task questions here!!

Let's help each other...

....xoxo M_Themis

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