Starcoins Items Gone from is Not a glitch after all

We had a hope that this might be a glitch but it is actually  not. Stardoll recently updated the "Help/Starbazaar" Section in which they note this:

That means that items that were bought for starcoins from now on will not be available to sell in Starbazaar.

An Issue that is rasing up and always asked in our mails is the old clothes that were marked with Starcoins signs when this currency appeared. 
I will give as an example the famous DKNY Scuba Dress which from now on will be unavailable to sell. 
(and many others from DKNY old collections - if you own them...that's won't be able to find them from now on)

I do not know if the DKNY Scuba dress was available for Non SS back then, but there weren't Starcoins back then. That means that DKNY scuba and many other old clothes were bought for Stardollars. When Starcoin currency appeared the dress appeared to be in Starcoins even though it was originally sold for Stardollars. what i am trying to say is that the rule "Items brought for Starcoins cannot be sold in Starbazaar" cannot be implied to the pre-starcoin period clothes because all clothes back then were sold in Stardollars.

So now i ask you What is the point of Starcoins?
I mean why do we need 2 currencies if we cannot sell the Starcoins items?

As long as Starcoins were part of selling in Starbazaar and could be exchanged back to Stardollars i could see the point.However, if we cannot sell them anymore...thus Non-SS cannot use the Starbazaar again why Stardoll needs this currency? Before you tell me some reasons let me give you my explanation:

We earn 90 Starcoins per Day which equals 9 Stardollars.
If stardoll would just give 9 Stardollars per day(or every two days) that could only be used in buying Non-SS items  we wouldn't need the Starcoin Currency

Starplaza items could all be sold in Stardollars and marked as SS or non SS on the availability to buy.
In our starbazaar we would only be able to sell the SS ones(or all..i really do not see the point of not be able to sell everything if you are a SS already)
Non-ss could only buy Stardesign clothes from starbazaar.
And as for the daily "hunting" for could easily be replaced with a daily "hunting" for StarPoints to level up. 

just some random thoughts...

special thanks elminimouse
....xoxo M_Themis
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