SDAQR - more mystery

Take a look at this new Doll (SDAQR_01) with these bags that are from Stardoll Academy and her skirt and her glasses are also from Stardoll Academy.

At her JEWELRY we can find a free hair clip that have a Stardoll Academy label too.

At her MAKEUP we can find a free shadow and a FREE eyeliner that have a Stardoll Academy label and they say QUESTS green Shadow and QUEST Brown EyeLiner.

What this could be? Another mystery....She has nothing in her presentation or is member for any club. 

She must be the promotional doll for the Stardoll Academy, right? But what SDAQR will be?  It will be a store? A club? Opinions

..xoxo sdoreymenano

special thanks to the anonymous that posted her link into the other post and here

 UPDATE: There are more accounts for SDAQR:

SDAQR_02 She has the coat and the clutch, bag and a box at her suite, the glasses, at her Beauty parlor she has a fake tattoo, the same hair clip as SDAQR_1 and another pair of glasses

SDAQR_03 : He has the bag and the box at his suite, a cape, a pair of boots, a shorts and the tie he is wearing. At his beauty parlor he has the 2 pair of glasses and a fake tattoo.

Thanks again for the anonymous at this post

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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