SDAQR - another doll

I decided to do a new post because the prewiew one just got a lot of updates, right?

There is another doll SDAQR, she is SS, her account was created on the 7th December and she has a lot of free things with Stardoll Academy label.

At her MAKEUP she has lots of free make-up

 At her JEWELRY she has those free things

At HANDS she has this hand tattoo

At FEET she has those things and she also has the free nail polish, all with the stardoll Academy label

Pay attention that the only real SDAQR dolls has the Stardoll Academy free things. There are a lot of other dolls that have been created but they are just a normal doll that want to got attention from us, right?

So, for now the real SDAQR dolls are :

SDAQR (UPDATE: This doll is not existing anymore, why? Are they updating her or something else?)




We can presume the Academy will be on very soon.

Special thanks to the anonymous and Solsyrc
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