SCD : New Mystery or Glitch? - Solved

I have to admit, i so love the mysteries lately whether they turn to something or not. It is just fun for us bloggers.
For a little while a new option appeared next to the calendars in Stardoll's menu bar.
The new choice was called SCD and was leading to.... nowhere.

After a while stardoll removed it.

Since it is christmas i would take a guess with Stardoll CountDown, although as i said it is just a guess plus calendars are already a Christmas days counting system :P

Was it a mistake? or Something new Coming?

UPDATE: Apparently it will be a calendar for the UK Members who will buy a new pass called Strictly Dancing. The SCD option is only available in UK. The dresses found in spoilers earlier are part of this calendar.

Let us know...

...xoxo M_Themis
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