How to use a Manual Proxy on Mac/Safari

You need to follow all the steps exactly as written otherwise it will NOT work!
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How to use a Manual Proxy on Mac using Safari

Step 1:
Make sure you are logged out of Stardoll

Step 2:
Clear your entire browsing history

Step 3:
On the top bar, go to Safari > Preferences

Step 4: 
A new window should then appear.
 Go to 'Advanced' and then click the option that says 'Change Settings' 

Step 5:
A new window should appear and under 'Proxies'
There is a list on the left that allows you to select the type of proxy you want to use. 

You might not be able to access these settings, but DON'T PANIC because I'll show how to access them.

If you are NOT able to access the settings, press 'Cancel'
If you ARE able to access these settings, skip to Step 10

Step 6:
After pressing 'Cancel', you should now be on your Mac's Network settings.
In the bottom left corner, there is a padlock that you need to click.

Step 7:
You will then need to log in with your Mac's username and password.
Once you've done this, click 'Unlock' to confirm.
(You must do this if you want to change the settings)

Step 8:
The padlock you just clicked on should now be unlocked.
In the same window, click the 'Advanced' option.

Step 9:
Click on 'Proxies'
The previous options that we saw should now be clickable.

Step 10:
On the left options, click on 'Web Proxy (HTTP)'
Tick the box next to it.

On the right, it should say 'Web Proxy Server'
This is where you type in the IP address and Port.

Step 11:
Type the IP address into the first box and the Port into the second

(The numbers I've entered are just an example, use the numbers stated in the free item post!) 

Step 12:
Tick the box at the bottom that says 'Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV)'
Press OK

Step 13:
After pressing OK, you should be re-directed to the Network settings.
At the bottom, press 'Apply'

Step 14:
Click on the padlock to lock the changes you made. 

Close the settings window
You are now using the manual proxy and can get your free items!


(DO NOT SKIP THIS PART! You NEED to do this!)

Repeat Steps 1-6 so you are on the Network settings.
Click on the padlock to unlock the settings & log in with your user.

Click on 'Advanced' then go to 'Proxies'

Untick the box next to 'Web Proxy (HTTP)'
Delete the information you entered into the 'Web Proxy Server'

Once you've done this, Press OK.

Press 'Apply' at the bottom. 
(Make sure you do this, it's a VERY important step!)

Click on the padlock to lock all your changes.

Close the window & log into Stardoll.
The free items you used the manual proxy to get should now be in your suite!

Sometimes the manual proxies are very slow so you may have to wait a few minutes or refresh a few times for them to work
 We'll do our best to provide the fastest ones for you!

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