Holiday Suites : Enter The Contest

Have your prepared a Holiday Room in your suite and think it is the best?

Now it is your Chance to prove it.

Underneath Stardoll will choose the 12 best holiday rooms to be featured. 
Leave a comment to enter the contest saying.

Stardoll Nick:

The "Room" option must be filled specifically using one of these options:

Basic Suite - The Floor Number - Left/Right
Extra Rooms - The Floor Number - Left/Right
Penthouse - Left/Right
Beach Villa - Up/Down
Alpine Chalet - Up/Down
Millionaire Mansion - Up/Down
The Loft - Up/Down
Panorama Room

Remember that if you do not tell us specifically where the room is located we will not check it!!

One Suite will be feautured on USD Daily until the first day of 2013 starting tomorrow

Good Luck and Happy Holidays...

...xoxo M_Themis

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