Covergirl of the Month - December

The winner for Covergirl of the Month December is:

Her Entry for the Christmas/New Year's Eve Glamour Event was this one:

and now moving on to know our new Covergirl:

Name: Justine
Age: 14
Country: Lithuania

How is it to be Medoll of the Month?
It’s absolutely amazing! I was really, really surprised and didn’t expect to win it at all! There was some magnificent outfits and I thought that my chances are really small, so thank you very much all who voted for me!! ;D

What inspired you to make this look in this months competition?
For me, I always imagined what I would wear in event like this, so when I saw theme for outfit i was like “Yes! I know exactly what to wear” ;D

What are your passions in real life?
My passion in real life is definitely drawing and other arts. I spend most of my free time writing songs, playing piano and stuffs like this.:)

Could you describe to us your style?
My outfits usually very random cause  I like to trying different looks. One day I can be all dressy and classy and other wear ripped jeans and leather jackets. I guess it depends on my mood too! :D

What is your biggest wish for the future?
My biggest dream is to become a fashion Designer! Sometimes I imagine like 20 years later I open my stardoll and there it is, my own design clothes :D

What do you want people to remember about you when you leave stardoll?
I haven’t done anything that big on SD to be remembered, but I rally hope that all people I know will remember my as friendly, fun and shopaholic girl who loves her friends! Lolz

The top 5 Doll's for December according to your votes were:

 Congratulations to everyone that participated.

...xoxo M_Themis
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