Captured: Sciarpina

Hello dollies, it's MateoTkd again with a new capture for today.

Today I captured Sciarpina from Italy . Her outfit is a perfect combination of red and black.

She´s wearing:

Delhi Velvet Coat from The Film Theory
Sheer Vilson Top from Young Hollywood
Basic Black bra from Basics
Gathered Cut Out Dress from Bonjour Bizou
Suspenders from Bonjour Bizou
Editorial Shorts from Decades
Leggings from Stylein
Pantyhose from The Film THeory
Black Tights from Voile
shoes from Stardesign (made by Sciarpina)

And here are the team member's opinions:

Pau.Cam.Arena: Oh, this outfit is perfect for winter! I love the sheer details & the red coat, everything looks so perfect! Nice choice.

Honey007: I LOVE how she used the red jacket to give colour to her black outfit which is very good actually!!Her hair looks fab with this clothes.All in all everything looks sooo good:)

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