Captured: Azul7173

Hello dollies, it´s Mateotkd. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Today I captured Azul7173 from Spain. I really like the way she match the colours for this outfit, it also looks  confortable and  chic.

She´s wearing:
Leopard print scarf from Jean Paul Gaultier Junior
Glazer down vest from Scotch R´Belle
Scaley Jacket from Special Offer
White Blouse from It Girls
Sand Boyfriend Pants from Denim and Supply - Ralph Laurent
Tricolor Riding Boots from Pet a Porter

And here are the team member's opinions:

Pau.Cam.Arena: Awwh this outfit is cute! I like it, The colors are perfect & the animal print in the blouse gives it a more elegant touch. Maybe the makeup is too dark, I would prefer brighter lips & eyeshadows

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