Who wore it best?

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Last time on Who wore it best we had KeshaNY2ne1 vs. NewMaximumFAX. Here are the results:
Well done KeshaNY2ne1! Click here to go to her suite!
The person to get chosen this week is...
The piece of clothing that the outfits both have is... Black Gucci shoulder bag!
xXxmalexXx vs. Deadly26
My opinion: I like both outfits! I love that long skirt that xXxmalexXx has used but there is just too much going on in the outfit! Where as Deadly 26 has the opposite she has a really simple outfit that looks like it is missing something! I really don't which outfit i prefer!
Who do you think wore it best? Post your answers below and you could get featured in the post!
Opinion 1= Sparklewand12: Personally I don't think either outfit works greatly with the bag, however I prefer xXxmalexXx's that little bit more.
Opinion 2= mnbvkfsg: xXxmalexXx looks soo much better! love the way she styled her look with the surplus of acessories!! 

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