Who wore it best?

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Last time we had movFo0ska vs. Kenyarules. Here are the results:
Well done movFo0ska! Click here to go to her suite!
The person to get chosen this week is:
The item they are both wearing is Jeepney L/S Jkt. Here are the outfits:
KeshaNY2ne1 vs. NewMaximumFAX
My opinion: I love KeshaNY2ne1's outfit but maybe she could of added a pop of colour in and changed the shoes but apart from that i love how the jacket goes with the outfit! NewMaximumFAX outfit is amazing too! The skirt, top and jacket are perfect but i think again she could of changed the shoes. 
Who do you think Wore it best? Post your comments below and you could be featured on this post!
Opinion 1= meow.cx:   My opinion about KeshaNY2ne: her outfit is amazing! she absolutely has my vote now [: i like the way her outfit matches. but she needs to change the shoes, & she will look amazing(:
about Newmaxiun: i love her outfit & the way she matched it! she should also change her shoes & she will look gorgeous[: 

Opinion 2: miss.....Elite:    I like KeshaNY2ne's outfit more but I think that newmaxium's hair goes better with the jacket
Also, don't forget to vote who you think wore it best!

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