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Last time we had cutechic567 vs. OliviaAnneL. Here are the results:
Well done OliviaAnnaL.! Click here to go to her suite! 
The person to get chosen this week is...
The item that they are both wearing is Bandana from Rio. Here are the outfits:
movFo0ska vs. Kenyarules
My opinion: As soon as you see the outfits you can see how different they are! movFo0ska has come up with an amazing autumn outfit where as Kenyarules is a very bright and colourful outfit! Kenyarules has got a nice simple outfit which as casual - I also love how she has put the camera in! movFo0ska has a unique outfit that has quite a lot happening! Some people would say that it looks a bit too much, but i think that it looks quite good! 
Who do you think wore it best? Post your thoughts below and you could be featured in this post!
Opinion 1: greatlover123: movFo0ska, Wow just... well WOW i dont have words for it ^-^
Opinion 2: LoveGossip4life: Without a doubt movfo0ska has a better outfit using the featured item. I like how she made her outfit a very relaxed Autumn outfit, but it also has that high fashion feel to it. On the other hand, I think kenyarules' outfit is okay. She could have gone without the camera, and used better matching items. I just don't think it exactly works.
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