Wake Up Stardoll World !!

This is more of a random post for the people that are into Stardoll Blogging in a more "little society" level

So, for those of you that are deeper in the Stardoll blogging world and not just the news we provide you, I am pretty sure you have noticed lately a deep silence concerning things beyond news, spoilers and freebies.

Hopefully i will inspire some of you with some tips!! Or not!!

Stardoll blogging is more fun when there is more to it. 
At least for us who read a variety of blogs.
I may own this blog but i used to read many blogs beyond mine.
 And though i would still like to do that there are currently no active alternative blogs.

Underneath Stardoll and noumerous other blogs have the whole "News,Freebies,Spoilers etc" 
covered for you. And as for USD i can tell you that we won't stop doing that.

But what about projects, magazines, fashion lines, parties?
Where are you people?
I know school and life can be hectic but that is why blogs are usually made by noumerous people that are being replaced when needed.

Group up and Start Blogging.

It is the best time to built something good.
A Magazine - A Fashion Line - A Fashion Week - An Award Show - A Project Blog - A Gossip Blog 

So many ideas. If you actually believe it and do a great job and STAY UPDATED...you can succeed.

You know why?
Cause at the areas i described above(and maybe in many more)
 there is almost NO COMPETITION AT ALL at the momment.
What are you waiting for? Do it before someone else does. You CAN!!

Why making this post?
Because believe it or not...bloggers enjoy company. I tried in secondary ways before to inspire all to start alternative stardoll blogs by showing on this blog fashion lines and magazines.
Bloggers as me, do not only enjoy to write but they also enjoy to read. I was always a writer and a reader.
Now i am just a writer cause there is barely nothing else to read.
 I would love to post on USD on new graphic fashion lines or magazines made by stardoll users. I cannot display all of you but i can and will display the best of you as i did in the past. 

Although i say this post is completely random
I want all blog owners that OWN ALTERNATIVE blogs  to leave us their address in the comment area.
Let us learn about you!!

People that would love to write for a blog can also leave a comment with what they believe they are good at.
(Graphics,Writing etc etc) . Maybe they will find one another and start something good together.


Let's built a completely new Stardoll Blogging World from the begining...

or maybe not...you decide..

...xoxo M_Themis

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