New Doll - Fiona

There is a new doll for superstars to dress up: Fiona!

About her: Fiona is, along with Simon, one of the ambassadors for the new Harrods on Stardoll. I suppose it is a new doll to advertise this Harrods campaign.

The doll: Since I have no clue who this doll is inspired by, I can't say if its inspiration was well recreated. But, when it comes to the clothing choices, I think they are nice. All of them are available in the Harrods' part of Starplaza - even the doll! The one thing I found a little weird is that there are no shoes to put in the doll...

Click HERE if you are SS and want to dress her doll up.

What do you think? Did you like the Harrods campaign?

xoxo, Luh.Isa

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