Miss Stardoll World 2012 is..... ashleesoul (Saudi Arabia)

The third Miss Stardoll World Competition has come to an end and the results have been announced.
The winner of this year is 
from Saudi arabia.

The top 10:
1. Miss Saudi Arabia - ashleesoul
2.Miss France - rojda32
3.Miss Russia - Kusja
4.Miss Poland - AmfijaSmiley
5.Miss New Zealand - clairethebest55
6.Miss Germany - tecki3
7.Miss Argentina - Estefaniasoleda
8.Miss Morocco - missimie
9.Miss Kuwait - Brandyy
10.Miss Mexico - Fridaakahlo

From the USD Team 
Congratulations  to All Finalists

And some extra news provided to me by estefaniasoleda  (thank you dear)
Finalists got this message from stardoll:

Hola estefaniasoleda:

Youve made it into the home straight of the Miss Stardoll World competition and we would like to offer you the opportunity to become a Stardoll ambassador and have your MeDoll featured on a real life trading card!

In order for your MeDoll to qualify for selection we need you to follow these simple steps:

Maintain the standard MeDoll pose (no re-worked limbs please), dress him/her with clothes from either the Starplaza or StarDesign Fashion (unfortunately clothes made out of hair will not be allowed), makeup from the Beauty parlor as well as jewelry and hair styles.

Please note that these cards will be representative of Stardoll and should reflect your unique style!

You have until October 26th to style your doll and be part of this unique opportunity to be featured as a Stardoll representative.

Yours Truly,
Stardoll Staff

What do you think?

...xoxo M_Themis

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