Interview with... a.d.a.1234

This week's winner is  a.d.a.1234!

1.Hi Ada.Tell Us little about you
Hello Steve! My name's Adela. I'm 16 years old girl from Moravia. I enjoy drawing, printing and listening to music like the Velvet Underground, Radiohead, Joy Division and Massive Attack. I study one art high school. I can say I love my school. I also really like Stardoll .

2. Where did you find out about stardoll and how long are you playing stardoll?
I don't remember how I found Stardoll. I only know that it was on 1st of April. It was such a joke - little dress-up game. I was thinking that I will play it only few days and it has ended with more than 3 years!

3. What would you like to change about stardoll?
I don't like these fame-posseded people who only cares about you when there's a potencial vote. It's so ugly and sadly there's a lot of people like that. But nobody is able to change it haha!On the other side I would change the censorship of Stardoll.It's poorly made. And I absolutly hate when this censorship touchs art.Whole 'Pransky' thing is irritating me and I was dissapointed from Klimt's Museum Mile. Stardoll has used only backgrounds, they are scared of real art. That makes me sad a little.Next thing I don't like on Stardoll is copying. I'm really glad I have never been copied but when you see a doll which is actual copy of my friend. You feel angry haha!

4. What do you love about stardoll?
I love my friends here! It's the most important thing on Stardoll for me They can make you feel happier any time. I enjoy creating crazy outfits on Stardoll, you know - that ones that noone other has and my passion is making surreal's the thing that made me more visible on Stardollthough many people don't like it.but I have fans too! I love them!My Stardoll friends are still the best thing here.They are the biggest reason why I am here.and there's one funny thing that has never been planned - Stardoll improves English so well! My English is much more better because of Stardoll!

5. What is your secret stardoll talent?

My secret talent is make-up (and you know why, Steve!). Sometimes when I have more free time I visit some dolls I don't know and I do a new make-up on them. It's such a funny thing. I like shadding with make-up and I don't like black make-up at all! the dolls always look so differen! (Adela made lots of my make up on Zhanetta. Thank's so much )

6. Do you follow all the latest fashion trends?
I don't think I do.I try to find things I like and that's how I dress like.

7. Describe the perfect day outfit?
Classic black marten's boots, black maxi skirt, white tank shirt and grey sweater.
And I love to wear feathers in hair,it looks great!

8. What is the best make-up for you?
Simple make-up, red lipstick, no eyelines, sometimes little shades.

9. Tell us 5 must have sunny day items.

-balerinas with platform
-skirt to knees
-oversized t-shirt
-massive ring
-red lipstick
10. What do you want to tell to the viewers of your interview.
Don't forget that Stardoll is about fun and friend. And be yourself ! Bye! And thanks for interview, Steve.


Zhanetta (Steve)

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