Couture Stores on Stardoll - The Story

What's the best story for Halloween?
But of course Tingeling - Halloween Couture

Tingeling Halloween Couture is a concept started on Stardoll on October 21, 2009
were the first ever collection was released.
Almost all of the clothes of this collection are rare apart from the 
red skirt and one mask that were given for free later
The first collection looked like this and as you understand it 
stayed in starplaza for a limited time(during Halloween 2009):

A year later the second collection hit starplaza but it was released on September 30,2010 and that means it stayed on starplaza a little longer than the previous one.
You can still find the clothes of the second collection in Starbazaar but they are very pricey nowadays.
The second Collection Looked like this:

Now...these two collections were actually the Halloween Couture ones.

However, there is another couture collection not meant for Halloween.
It was reased at about the same time as the second collection and actually a little earlier on September 10,2010
As this collection was not part of halloween it was named as just "Couture Tribute"
You can also find some of these clothes in the bazaar but you have to pay much for some of them.
The second outfit of the third picture was part of an offer and released for free at some point.

ALL Couture collections either halloween or their name implies are inspired  by 
Haute Couture Collection Clothes. 

Extra trivia:The first Collection was mostly inspired by Alexander Mcqueen's Last Completed Fall Collection(made by him). After his death there was one more fall collection(unfinished but released) that stardoll released on Voile Holiday Boutique(on another lesson soon).
 The next 2 couture collections were more diverse and had many clothes from many designers. (Dior, Chanel, Ellie Saab, Valentino , Gaultier etc etc)

Should stardoll release more Couture Stores?
and that was your lesson for today...
...xoxo M_Themis
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