Captured: sorumsuzsorunlu

Hello everyone! It's t_louise today and I wish you all a wonderful week!
This is the outfit I'm going to present for you today!

Sorumsuzsorunlu is 21 years old, she is from Turkey and joined stardoll this year. 

She is wearing: 

Hot buys Leopard print hat from Rio
Silk skirt from Archive
Nit Top from Miss Sixty
Weave shorts from Rykiel Enfant
Gold Wicker bag from MSW
Gold bangles from Elle
Hot buys steampunk bracelet from Fallen angel
Classic white tennis shoes from Archive¨

What rest of the team thinks: 

Honey007: I adore this outfit! it's just perfect!I love the way she combines brown and white!Her hat and bracelets look good :) i would just remove the cat and her purse :)

Sweet-Lips112: I like the colors. I like her hair. I love how she managed to suit the hat with her outfit. Good job

Mateotkd: I really like it, she combine all the colours in the correct way. This is a nice outfit. Definitely the kind of girl I like =)

And remember: 

Be fashionable everyday dollies cause you might get Captured!
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