Captured: SherY_DuFF

Hello everyone! this is t_louise, and I wish you all a wonderful new week! 

I desided to feature SherY_DuFF for her outfit today. She is a girl from Turkey which joined Stardoll in 2010!

She is wearing: 

- Knittet berret from Bonjour Bizou
- Hot buys tee shirt dress from Bonjour Bizou
- Gold Chains from Archive
- Boho Furvest from Archive
- Pantyhose from Film Theory
- Gothic Pantyhose from Fallen Angel
- Ashley Chocolate purse from Young Hollywood
- Leg tattoo from Evil Panda
- Pin broche from Mortal Kiss
- Striped socks from It Girls
- Black Pleather platforms from Archive

What rest of the team thinks: 

Sweet-Lips112: This outfit looks good. The fur vest and berret work nice together. I'm not really sure about the lites with socks like that? Great job though!

Pau.Cam.Arena: Woah! I love this outfit very much, I like the colors, textures and accesories! I would just use another hair, it looks too formal for this outfit! It's a nice one!

Honey007: Her outfit does not look good : / I think that her vest, beret and chain necklace don't match at all... They just destroy the outfit! She should remove the beret and the necklace and put a black blazer! Also would prefer it if her leggings werent see through ;/

Be fashionable everyday dollies cause you might get captured! 
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