Captured : LilSara2007

Hey guys this is honey007!Today I'm gonna capture LilSara2007 :D I know that a lot of you will say that there is nothing creative on her but to me there is!Her shorts are made in Stardesign Hair and they look like real clothes!Love them :)

She is from Poland

She is wearing:
Linear Collar Blouse from Pretty 'n Love
Lace Collar from Pretty 'n Love
Black Pleather Platforms from Archive
Round Pilot Sunnies From Bonjour Bisous

What do the other writers think?

Pau.Cam.Arena  Uhm... I dont like this outfit at all, I think it's something we've all have seen. I just loooove the stardesign hair shorts, the accesories are too simple too :/

t_louise I think it's a good start on a outfit, it looks good. But... Even if I prefer simple, is this kind of too simple. I would like to see something more, not much, just a few accessories could make a difference.

Mateotkd What I like the most is the crazy hair. The look is too simple but nice.

Sweet-Lips112 This time I really have to say nothing special. Nothing special at all..

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