CAPTURED: JonnyVogue

Hello dollies! Sorry for being sooo late today, it's still friday in Mexico. I was really busy since I'm on my exams week, but I brought you a really worth to be captured outfit.
He's Johny, better known as JonnyVogue 19 yo, from Russian Federation.
I loved this outfti since it reminds me to a Christian Lacroix haute couture design, I really like the way that everything looks in that outfit, and the hat looks so Phillip Treacy! I'm not sure if you like it as much as I do, but it's an outfit that really caught all my attention.
He's wearing:
Ornamented faux fur coat from Gucci
Disco ball stage suit from Archive
Red kung fu jacket from Evil panda
Birdle belt from PPQ
Artemis scarlet skirt from Lanvin
Drape leather drop scarf x 2 from Fallen Angel
And many jewelry pieces to compliment his hair.
Well, this was everything for today, sorry again for being that late and next week I'll promise you to bring you another amazing outfit. Always remember... 

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