Captured: Humajand

Hi dolls! It's Sweet-Lips112.
I chose to capture Humajand this week.
Here's the outfit:

She's wearing:
 Golden Collar from Bonjour Bizou
Carpet Bag Jumper from Pretty n' Love
Gold Wicker Bag from MSW Shop
Red No Heel Shoe Thights from Windows On The World
plus many items from the Suite Shop 

honey007: It's very creative!I like how she uses red this way!But on the other hand i think it sucks cause her other hand is not visible!
Mateotkd: She combine red in the correct way. Not sure about the make up for this oriental style. She doesn´t follow fashion but she has a personal style, so that is important. Be unique is important.
t_louise: This is for certain a interessting outfit. Not quite sure what to make of it. The outfit itself looks great, very pretty and got bright colors, I like that. I also like the dolls "head" I just don't think they match. 
Ohhh my God! This is an outfit totally amazing! It looks so halloween-ish! I love how she makes it look like an scenery, but the clothing is stylish yet simple. I adore the headpiece :)

 Be fashionable everyday dollies cause you might get Captured!

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