Captured: Happybasant

Hello everyone! This is T_louise, I wish  you all a happy new week! 
This is the outfit I desided to capture this week!

This is Happybasant, she is from Egypt and joined stardoll in 2009

She is wearing: 

Stardesign hairdesign Jacket by Tattoosara
Burgundy Ruffle Blouse from Givenchy tribute
Tube Top from Fallen Angel
Velvet Skirt from PPQ
Classic Black belt from MSW
Black Foldover DvF Purse from DvF holiday tribute
Zorro Heels from PPQ

What the team thinks of this outfit: 

Mateotkd: I like the outfit. However, I would prefer a different colour for the jacket. Everything else is ok.

Honey007: WOW! She is absolutely gorgeous! I love her style. The way that her white jacket is in contrast with the other colours its marvelous! Only thing I would have changed is her clutch! I would prefer it if she didnt have one!everything else is perfect!

Sweet-Lips112: This outfit is quite girly and chic. I like it pretty much. Her face is the first thing I see, it's just magnificent.

Pau.Cam.Arena: I like this outfit, I mean, it's something that I would wear for going out with my friends. I think it's just too simple  but I like how all the colors look together, interesting choice!

Be fashionable everyday dollies cause you might get captured! 

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