Captured: Etana

Hello dollies, I´m Mateotkd and I´m very happy to be part of the Captured  Season 3.

Today I captured Etana, she´s from Russia and has been in Stardoll since 2006. 

What I like about her outfit, is that is not the classic white dress that every doll is wearing. Also I really like the pattern that she made using jewelry on top of her clothes.

She´s wearing:
Hot buy denim corset top from Rio
Scale ruffle dress from LE
Clear plastic clutch from LE
Sparking bracelet from Rio
Diamond ring from Rio
Andromeda Skirt from Fallen Angel
Katy golden heel shoes from Young Hollywood
14 Splendid silver stone forehead jewelry
5 Congruence chokers from Glam´Rus

And here are the team member's opinions:

Pau.Cam.Arena: I love this outfit very much, everything is just perfect! I love every detail in this dress, and the accesories are not too overload, The hair was perfect, everything actually is perfect! Amazing choice!

T_louise: Etana always impress me with her creativity.  This dress she have created is pure awesomeness in my opinion. Love the way she have created a pattern herself with items not nessesarry ment for this and made the dress shine. Nothing I would change about this outfit.

Sweet-lips112: Wow, this is totally worth capturing! The dress she's wearing is just super! Love, love and more love.

Honey007: WOW!She looks so glamorous!There is a lot of glitter going on but i like it!Her hair and dress and clutch look so elegant!I love how she used different materials to create this fab dress!All in all a perfect outfit!

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