Captured : Buffy_STYLe

Hello everyone :) This is honey007 :) This week i chose to capture Buffy_STYLe

She is from Turkey

She is wearing:
Fallen Angel Leo Vest
Fallen Angel Hotbuys Steampunk Bracelet
Basics Basic Black Leggings
Dark Berry Oxfords
Young Hollywood Sheer Bilson Top
It Girls Olive Knitted Sweater
Beastly Sun Glasses
It Girls Soft Black Clutch

What does the rest of the team thinks:

Pau.Cam.Arena I dont like this outfit that much, she used too many menswear pieces, and the clutch is not matching a lot, but I like the blouse & the overlayered sweater

t_louise This outfit is well done, simple and not messy. The color combination works and fit perfect for this season of the year. There is nothing I would change about this outfit.

Sweet-Lips112 Quite like it. I love the green sweater but I think the circle glasses and high bun are already so mainstream so i'd change the hair and remove the glasses. Anyways well done!

Mateotkd The look is fine, the colours are ok , but I´m not sure about the vest, which is for boys. The vest plus that hair makes her less girly.

-Be fashionable everyday dollies cause you might get captured


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