Captured: AmfijaSmiley

Hello dollies, It´s Mateotkd.
Today I captured AmfijaSmiley. This doll is from Poland and has been in Stardoll since 2006. I know she´s wearing a classic look, but I really like the way the combine black and white. She´s classy. 

She´s wearing:

Oversized bow from Diane Von Furstenberg
Sweetheart collar blouse from Evil Panda
Basic miniskirt from Elle
Wide Buclet belt from Rio
Fallen Angel belt from Fallen Angel
3 Belts from Bonjour Bizou
Basic black oxfords from Basic
2 Heaveyweight black plattaforms from Fallen Angel

And here are the team member's opinions:

Pau.Cam.Arena: I dont find this outfit interesting at all, I think it's so simply and it's something we've all seen before. Sorry I dont have anything more to say :/

T_louise: The outfit is very cute and got this classic look. I only wished the skirt was a bit longer, but beside from that, I think it's a good outfit. 

Sweet-Lips112: it's a little too black for me. I like that blouse and that's all.

Honey007: Its a great outfit :) only things i would have changed is her shoes.she tried to copy the pleather platforms but it just doesnt look good!Also i think her bow is a bit too much there.would have removed it :) everything else though its great!

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