Captured: AislinVictory

Hi dolls! It's Sweet-Lips112
Today I'm capturing AislinVictory's outfit
honey007: there is just something wrong with this outfit.the shorts hair and top match perfectly together.but her necklace tattoos socks and shoes are so off ;/ she could have used brown platforms and she should remove the tattoos necklace and socks
Pau.Cam.Arena: Uhmm, I'm not very sure of this outfit. I love her face since it looks real but the outfit is not of my favorites, I think the colors are just too grey and the shoes don't look that well with tights, I can't say if I like it or not. :/
other judges didn't leave any comment...
 Be fashionable everyday dollies cause You might get Captured!
Ps: I know I didn't add what she's wearing because I forgot to write the names down and at the moment she's wearing a new outfit and all her clothes are not in her closet. Sorry!

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