3 Years Underneath Stardoll (Happy Birthday USD)

As some of you very well guessed the countdown was counting down to USD's 3rd Anniversarry.
That's right...

Underneath Stardoll is 3 Years Old today and we are in a celebrating mood
With more than 8000 followers, 74000 club members and almost 4000 Facebook Fans/Likes and Twitter Followers and many many more Visitors...USD closes another Fantastic Year!!

All Thanks to You who have joined us and spread the word for others to join too.

This is basically a thank you than a birthday

Thanks to the writers for keeping the blog updated!!

Thanks to all of you that made it possible.

Thanks to you who always help keep this blog updated by helping with your infos!!

Underneath Stardoll was and always will be about the readers
Underneath Stardoll is its readers.
USD rocks because You rock!!

Thank You All and Stay tuned for another wonderful year of
Freebies, News, Contests, Spoilers, Projects and so much more...

Oh...and there will be a Chat Party Soon...we'll let you know..
...xoxo The USD TEAM

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