Young Hollywood on Stardoll - The Story

Today it was the easiest choice for a story. Since the subject of the week is Young Hollywood let see the story behind it and compare the stores.

Young Hollywood is the third Limited Clothes Store released by Stardoll.

The idea of Young Hollywood is to release Limited clothes that were worn by famous Young Actors , Singers and generally young Celebrities.

It's actually not a very old store comparing to the other stories i have made since its first collection was released in 2011.

Here is the first collectoion Released on June 11 , 2011:

Second Collection was Released on September 19th 2011.
The second collection is said to be the worst. I mean i have heard so many bvad comments and reviews on this one. It is also my personal opinion too. This was a reallly bad collection to be limited (as always witht the exception of some pieces)
The Store looked like this:

And let's move to the third collection.
Third collection was released (well yesterday...but for the record) on September 14,2012
This is how the store looked: 

Compare, discuss and leave a comment with your opinion.

And that was your lesson for today...

...xoxo M_Themis

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