Young Hollywood in Real Life

Hello we had the Young Hollywood release but now we have the time to look at the real life versions of the clothes and from which "Young Hollywood" persona were these clothes worn.
You will see in many cases that stardoll released many of them recolored and not as they originally worn

Let's go:

Worn by Sami Gayle

Worn by  Jaime King

Worn by Cher lloyd

Worn by Sarah Hyland

 Worn by Camilla Belle

Worn by Audrey Plaza

 Worn by Nikki Reed

 Worn by Selita Ebanks

Worn by Emmy Rossum

Worn by Rachel Bilson:

Worn by  Dree Hemingway (special thanx to mnbvkfsg)

and that is how they looked in Real Life...

now which do you prefer

Real Life or Stardoll Versions?

...xoxo M_Themis

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