Who wore it best?

Hello readers,
Sorry about not doing a post last week, i was really busy!
Last time we had albokhari123 vs. MARIA-MARIA77!  Here are the results:
Well done MARIA-MARIA77. Click here to go to her suite and see her latest outfit which will probably as good as her last one :)
The person that got chosen this week was:
The item that they are both wearing is Stretch Jeans! Here are the outfits:
DiamantPauly vs. fairy_charm_
My opinion: Jeans are a versatile piece for any wardrobe and these two outfits prove this, i mean look at the differences! I don't think you could of got any outfits that were more different! DiamantPauly has a unique sort-of punk look (not really my style) where as fairy_charm_ has a quite simple outfit but that top makes it look really girly (which isn't my style either!) So as you can see the votes this week will probably be on which style you like best. 
Who do you think wore it best? Vote in the poll below!

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