Stylein On Stardoll - The story

I'm sure most recent members of stardoll are like "What's Stylein?"...
The truth is that this is a stardoll store we do not hear a lot!!
but it is definetely part of the Stardoll History

Not only this store existed for a while in stardoll but it was in fact one of the 
Real Brand Stores 

Let's go...

The Story of Stylein goes back to the early 2010 ...specifically on February 18 of that year when Stardoll released two FALL Stylein Outfits for a limited period.
This two outfits were just the begining because Stardoll told us back then that there will be a store later with Spring/Summer Clothes.

The two outfits, which i am pretty sure are the rarest of Stylein Brand, were these:
They were just released only on a starplaza window...and not on a store!!!
The clothes did not stay long in Starplaza!!

The Spring/Summer collection came months later and Specifically on June 15, 2010
This time it was a store.

Now if you are facing difficulties in finding some Stylein clothes it is because the store stayed in starplaza
only for 2 weeks!!!!

After the end of June Stylein left Starplaza and never appeared again on Stardoll!!

...and that was your lesson for today....

...xoxo M_Themis
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