Stardoll Hotbuys 2011 - The Story

We have already saw The Hotbuys 2006-2007 Story. the Hotbuys 2008 Story , the Hotbuys 2009 Story and the Hotbuys 2010 Story

Now we'll see the 2011 ones.

Let's Go

January 2011:


March 2011:

April 2011:

May 2011:

June 2011:
July 2011:
August 2011:
September 2011:
October 2011:
November 2011:
December 2011 (Special Month - 1 Hotbuy was released every day until Christmas):

1ST-8TH December Hotbuys

9th-16th December Hotbuys
17th - 24th December 2010

25th - 31th Dcember Hotbuys

The 2012 Hotbuys Story will be presented at the end of the year!!

and that was your lesson for today...
Tomorrow a special history lesson is coming about the MSW contest
Stay tuned
...xoxo M_Themis
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