New Doll - Inna

Elena Alexandra Aposteleanu, best known for her stage name Inna, is a Romanian singer and dancer. She was born on October 16, 1986. Her debut single (released in 2008), "Hot", was a success. Her second single, "Love", also got high positions on Romanian charts. Inna has released many other songs, including "Déjà Vu", "Amazing" - her most successful song in Romanian charts -, "10 Minutes", "Sun Is Up" and "Club Rocker". Until now, Inna has released two studio albums, Hot and I Am The Club Rocker. She has received many awards and nominations and is considered the most influential Romanian star worldwide.

If you're SS and want to dress up her doll, click HERE!

*I love how Stardoll put that little spot she has on the doll... I think she looks better in real life, though*
What do you think? Will you/Have you dressed her doll up?

xoxo, Luh.Isa

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