New Doll - Eva Padberg

Eva Padberg (born on January 27, 1980, in Bad Frankenhausen) is a German fashion model, singer and actress. She got her career started when she applied for Bravo's Boy & Girl contest and got the chance to do a test shooting  for Louisa Models. Since then, she's been on catwalks, photoshootings, commercials and advertising campaigns, such as Astor, Gleitscher Eis, Kia Motors' Korean and Nintendo's Nintendogs.

Padberg is a member of the group Dapayk & Padberg, known in Germany. As an actress, she's had some small roles on television series.

If you're SS, click HERE to dress up her doll!

What do you think? Have you ever heard of her?

xoxo, Luh.Isa

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