New Doll - Diana Vreeland

Diana Dalziel (July 29, 1903, in Paris – August 22, 1989, in New York), best known as Diana Vreeland, was a French fashion icon, columnist and editor. She worked for famous magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Vreeland was famous for her creativity and attitude.

Although she was born in France, her mother was from the United States, so she kept going to New York. In 1924, she married Thomas Vreeland and in 1929, moved to London, where she opened a lingerie business. In 1937, she went back to New York and started her career in fashion as a columnist for Haper's Bazaar. In 1962, she took the position as editor-in-chief for Vogue - where she stayed until 1971, revolutionizing the fashion journalism. Diana Vreeland died in 1989, suffering from a heart attack.

She has also been portrayed in some films, such as Infamous, Factory Girl and a recent one called Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.

Here's a picture of her:
If you're a SS and want to dress her doll up, click HERE.

It is great to have a fashion icon as a doll, don't you think so? Will you dress her doll up?

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