Mortal Kiss on Stardoll - The Story

Weekends are pretty boring in stardolll. No news, almost no freebies. So i decided to do another history lesson. and this one you are going to love cause many of you wanted that story and i couldn't say no.

 The Mortal kiss story starts on September 6, 2010 when  Stardoll and Random House released an online book. As you very well understand the book was called "Mortal Kiss" and it would be released later on bookstores too. The first Stardoll ad:

On The first day we only saw a campaign page with some infos and the basic Map of the online book:

The chapters became available day by day and so was the map. We got some freebies back then from the map.

3 days later a store inspired by the book was released. The Store Looked like this:

As you see in the pictures above ALL the items of the first 2 Floors of Mortal Kiss were available for Non-Superstars as well!!! And as you will see Mortal kiss had in general many non ss clothes!!

That was the basic store but as long as the book was going onward more floors were added:

The above two floors were released on September 16th, 2010 and were containing the first Mortal Kiss Clothes for boys.

Another floor released on September 30th, 2010:

On October 12th 2010 two T-shirts were Released(not in the store - just in new section). We called them the "Team" t-shirts. It was about the book and the main characters. The t-shirts were about what team are you.

There was not another change on the store for about a month. And then on  October 26, 2010 the last floor of the first Mortal Kiss inspired store was released and looked like this:
This was the first floor containing some "animated/sparkling" clothes.

the last thing that was released couple of days later were the Mascots(non ss and cheap):

The store stayed like this for a while and then Left Starplaza.

A year Later the second Mortal Kiss book was announced. It was called "Mortal Kiss: Fool's Silver"

This time we did not get an online interactive map and book but the chapters were released in Starblog.
Check them HERE if you want to read.

The Mortal Kiss: Fool's Silver released on August 16, 2011 along with a Mortal Kiss Calendar:

The first stored inspired by Mortal Kiss:Fool's Silver was Polished.
We got a new floor inspired by Mortal Kiss on August 26th,2011

Three days later on August 29, 2011 a new Mortal Kiss Store Hit Starplaza:

There weren't additional floors on this store but instead stardoll chose to release the first ever Mortal Kiss inspired interior Store.
The store was released on September 5th 2011 and looked like this:

And this was the last time we heard again of Mortal Kiss.

After the stores were gone Mortal Kiss became a part of Stardoll History.
And now you  know the full story behind Mortal Kiss

Stay tuned for more..

...xoxo M_Themis
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