FREE I heart reading T-Shirt, Books and Poster

Propably the hardest freebies we ever have to take.Many of you will propably won't go in all that trouble but there is a "book-o-meter" counting the "YES" you put that in the future will give A free  necklace and A Dress. I'm giving you all the info and now you can decide whether to do it or not!!

If you are from USA log into stardoll, click HERE and join the club

Then go to EACH of these links below find the "YES" button in ALL of them and click it!!
Looks like this:

Now If you are from anywhere else you HAVE TO use a manual proxy,otherwise there is no way to get it.

(If you do not know how to use manual proxies click
 ----> HERE <---  to learn. You have to FOLLOW THE STEPS EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN!!!!)

Use one of these:
IP: PORT: 8080


IP: Port:80


IP: Port:8080

After setting one of the proxies go here:

Log in and  and join the club

At this point you can turn off the proxy WITHOUT CLOSING THE WINDOW YOU ARE (on club)

Then go to EACH of these links below find the "YES" button in ALL of them and click it!!

Looks like this:

Propably the hardest freebies we ever had to take!!

PS: (IF you just want the poster and do not live in is the only item you can get with a webproxy like just log in to stardoll and you will get ONLY the poster!!) 

It might take a while for the items to arrive 
...xoxo M_Themis

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