FREE Cardigan (Oktoberfest Campaign Gift)

We have already found the first 3 pieces of the first gift from the Oktoberfest Campaign and now the fourth one got revealed. 
If you click the 7th Gondola in the campaign which you can find here:
it will tell you to find the fourth piece.

In order to find the fourth piece..log in to stardoll and now go here:

As you see in the photo above the fourth piece is located left to the starplaza window
Find it and click it. 

PS: In Case You missed the previous 3 is where you can find them: 
1st) (on the left of your messages area)
2nd) (on the right of stardesign window)
3rd) (on the left of your beauty parlor)

PS: If you cannot see it because of your screen press CTRL - on your keyboard 
( after clicking the piece press CTRL + to restore the screen again to the first size)

Once you have collected all the pieces the Cardigan will be in your suite(might take a while to arrive)

Another Freebie is coming for Europe in  a while ;)

Stay tuned...

...xoxo M_Themis

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