Underneath Stardoll is looking for "Free Stuff Writers"

Underneath Stardoll is now looking for more Free Items/Clothes Writers. 

You will be posting all the new freebies on Stardoll from competitions campaigns etc etc.  The position is one of the main positions of USD and one of the most important ones. Once you are in you have to be commited otherwise you will be gone from the Team. USD needs the best writers. If you consider yourself as one now is your chance to shine through your posts in our blog.


-Must know how to find the free stuff by self. We need people who know where to look for freebies inside stardoll. (Not read them on other blogs and then write them here -that can be done by anyone and we look only for the best)

-Know how to check comps,  identify the language, see if it gives a freebie and find the right proxy(manual or not) by self

-Be Really Fast on finding Free Stuff

-Must always read comments on our blog and talk box to keep updated with our readers when they find something free and try give the credit to the first reader who said it.

-Must be professional and ALWAYS use credit when using free stuff from other blogs. 
-Must always post with YOUR picture of the free item that is being given at the top(good print screens). You must use YOUR pictures even if they info is taking from other blog. Your Picture and Credit at the end to the blog you took the story.

-Put your posts under the "Free" Label on blogger.

-Be very active since free items play a big part on this blog..

Stardoll username:
Blogging experience (a reference to one of your POSTS on another blog):
How often do you go on stardoll:

Good luck :)

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